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Why Choose Rubbish Doctor? 💡

Our mission at Rubbish Doctor is to become your go-to source for junk removal and demolition services for both residential and commercial needs.

We have a team of experts who are knowledgeable, affable, and committed to providing great service. Everyone who qualifies begins at a minimum of $21.50 an hour as part of our commitment to our workers’ welfare and livable wages. You can feel confident knowing your house and belongings are in good hands when dealing with our team. We are licensed and insured to operate in the state of Maine!

Demystifying Costs: Transparency 🔮

Booking a service only to learn there may be extra costs once the job is done is frustrating.

At Rubbish Doctor, we value being transparent about the pricing of our services. We give you thorough pricing information upfront so you can make selections without being caught off guard. Visit our newly updated pricing page to understand our industry-competitive pricing better.

Pricing Designed to Meet Your Specific Needs! ✍️

We are aware that every project involving junk removal is unique. Because of this, we provide cost-effective options that take into account the particular needs of our customers.

Whether you’re doing a small-scale junk haul or a large demolition project, our transparent, and competitive pricing strategy makes sure you get value for what you really need. With our new visual pricing calculator you can get a better understanding of pricing related to the scope of your project!

Donation Pick-Up

What Is The Donation Pick-Up? 🚚

When you’re ready to part with your old bed frame or have the need to remodel your kitchen, enlist the help of our team to help you collect your unwanted goods. Providing pickup and delivery services for tax-deductible donations is our area of expertise, so you can be sure that your belongings will be given new life. Sustainability is always a priority at Rubbish Doctor, and by implementing this initiative we focus on repurposing appliances, furniture, and more for those who could use them.

  1. Is Donation Pick-up free? In exchange for letting us give your belongings a second chance at life, you may receive donation receipts that can be used for tax deductions.
  2. What Items Can You Take? furniture, office supplies, bed frames, mobility aids, doors, windows, and a lot more. Everybody benefits when you donate and we deliver!
  3. What Does Rubbish Doctor Do With These Items? We collaborate with a number of neighborhood nonprofits and charities, including Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity ReStore®.
  4. When Can You Pick-Up My Donations? If you’re pressed for time. It’s no problem! In many circumstances, we may offer same-day or even next-day service.

Rubbish Doctor - Sustainability

Commitment To A Better Future 🌎

When you choose Rubbish Doctor for your junk removal and demolition needs, you not only receive quick and dependable service, but you also contribute to significant environmental projects in your neighborhood and beyond. Working with us allows you to make a difference and feel good about contributing to environmental preservation. Here is a growing list of our Sustainability partners…

  1. One Tree Planted The nonprofit One Tree Planted, which promotes reforestation and forest preservation all over the world, is one of the organizations with which we are proud to be associated. We make a donation to One Tree Planted for each junk removal task we finish to assist them in reforestation efforts. Our team has now contributed to a total of 695 trees being planted!
  2. 1% For The Planet We’ve joined 1% For The Planet, an international group of companies and people dedicated to preserving the environment through charitable contributions. As a member, we contribute 1% of our yearly income to organizations that support sustainability and environmental protection. This aligns with our company views that we should all be doing our part for a better future for our planet.
  3. Furniture Friends We’ve teamed up with Furniture Friends, a charity based in Westbrook, Maine that helps those in need by giving them access to gently used furniture. For reuse and repurposing rather than going to waste, we donate any furniture that is still in good shape to their organization. Recycling, Upcycling, and Repurposing are all in accordance with our efforts for sustainability and the circular economy!
  4. Habitat For Humanity Additionally, we back Habitat for Humanity, a charity organization that assists families in renovating and building homes. To help Habitat for Humanity build homes for those in need, we donate any building materials we gather while performing waste removal services.

We offer efficient, practical, and environmentally responsible disposal options for everything from household junk, furniture, appliances, and more. Reclaim your area today!

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