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We’ve been busy here at Rubbish Doctor and we have some April updates for you!

Rubbish Doctor - One Tree Planted
The One Tree Planted foundation is a non-profit group that concentrates on global forestry initiatives. Its goal is to build a better environment for people, wildlife, and the earth by planting trees in places that have been deforested as a result of natural catastrophes, wildfires, or other human activity. To plant trees, the foundation collaborates with a network of donors, volunteers, and partners in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa. One Tree Planted works to reduce climate change, safeguard biodiversity, and enhance local communities’ standard of living. The foundation’s efforts are crucial in fostering environmental sustainability and a more livable planet for future generations, all things considered.

Our team is proud to share we have planted a total of 245 trees with One Tree Planted. We couldn’t have done this effort without the help of our customers, and supporters and it’s a testament to our ambitions of continuing sustainability practices locally and abroad.

Did you know that Rubbish Doctor has a Youtube channel now?

We recently expanded our online presence by launching a YouTube channel. The channel will feature videos that showcase the services, projects, testimonials, and tips on how to declutter and organize your home or office space. In our most recent video, we share our dump trailer transformation! We can’t wait to share with you more projects in the future and make sure to check out our new Youtube channel here!

Both March and April have been busy months for our team at Rubbish Doctor with many projects completed. Here are some of the most recent jobs we’ve done for our clients.

So if you’re tired of not being able to park your cars in your garage, it might be time to consider a junk removal service. With their help, you can finally clear out all the clutter and create a garage that’s functional, organized, and clutter-free. Learn more at www.rubbishdoctor.com

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